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Kinesca's Padded Room


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Fun Images

Here I have a collection of some cute images I found on the Internet... see them? 


Cute Avatar

Made this avatar using MS Paint -.-' I'm too lazy and poor to get Photoshop or anything like that...


Donut Sig Pic

Well, every day at school I always buy a package of miniature donuts and hand them out (unwillingly) to my friends.  Then one day, I gave one to my friend Taylor and he said, "Thank you [Kinesca], you are the Donut Goddess."  So I found a picture of a donut on the Internet later and made this... beautiful, I know -.-'''


Rayearth Banner

I was looking around on Google and found this banner... after adding the text to the right I must say that it... didn't make very much of a difference afterwards...


Kudos to Lady Lanzer Clone for creating this lovely piece of artwork!  This is from the Gaia Art Arena.  Of course, I'm a Leo, so I think there's a valid reason why I like this... anyway, it's still very good... better than anything I could do XP


Tare Panda

The Majestic Panda was once a beautiful creature that roamed the bamboo forests of China... now, due to mankind's extreme lack of care for our environment, the Pandas are a few and noble.  Please... don't use bamboo flooring in your house.


Cute little gif that I found on a random website... I like Chi, but I feel stupid doing so... I haven't even read three pages of the Chobits manga or seen a minute of the anime -.-'''